short scenes from a cinderella’s dream

long shot, high angle, from a satellite camera: two cars pass each other on a main road outside a small town, with no traffic.

The sun has barely risen, and the sky is still tinted orange from the morning rays. The sun can’t be seen, and you wonder if it’s not really dusk instead.

A maroon hatchback multi-purpose vehicle approaches from the right at a steady speed and a silver Mercedes 2-seater from the left at a high speed, significantly decelerating. The audience then shift their focus to the gradually slowing MPV. The two vehicles are parked a feet away but the drivers do not move from their seats. They are communicating on their hands-free.

[Calmly, with a frustrated undertone]
Why don’t you hold on to it? I would hang on to the treasure I discover. They don’t come by easily.
[flippant and almost non-chalant, no idea what the fuss is about]

a convertible with its top open approaches from behind the silver Mercedes and the maroon MPV drives on in a still composed manner, albeit a frustrated look on the drivers face

Over dinner at a dimly lit and posh restaurant

[looking a little hesitant making excuses for his friend]
You know he has short attention spans and is really forgetful sometimes…
[smiling, recounting in a nostalgic way]
Ya, he is easily distracted, can’t keep up conversations, and really candid…
[catches herself – not abruptly or dramatically – drifting off and smiles]

[End of dream 1]

I checked my email and J confirms his interest in L and I fell asleep again…

at the underground Bart station platform, where reception is bad. I stand a car door away from a man who looks like J, dressed in a suit and holding a briefcase, clean shaven and defined jawline, sharp nose and deepset – almost sunken – eyes.

The Bart arrives in a few seconds in the foreground and I don’t have time to confirm if it’s J. We both get on through our respective doors and I continue to observe his mannerisms but he has his side to me in the subway. Turning towards my right and his door I manoeveur my way to the carriage between our doors with some difficulty, staying focused on the man, not being particularly polite in passing the other passengers, brushing the shoulders of a few along the way. I notice that what I had thought to be the door to the next car was actually the end of the subway.

The subway stops at the next station and the man turns. I beam widely and he moves towards me. Suddenly he looks a little unkempt and shaggy, and I look away, pretending I was smiling at the baby in its mother’s arms behind him whom I hadn’t noticed before. He goes out of sight, having possibly alighted at this station.

I ask the girl next to me how I should get to the San Francisco airport. The girl wears glasses, has her hair tied up in a messy ponytail and I can’t tell if she’s a student, or a deranged teenager. She has that wild but scared look on her face.

[lowers her head slightly and raising her eyes to look at me – we’re about the same height – meekly explaining]
Next stop. she pauses. Alight at the next stop and take bus A6 to the airport. she alights just before the door closes

At the next stop I turn to the other side of the station and realise it was a 1-car train, with a driver like the muni buses. I check the directions with the driver and as she mutters the same directions as the girl, we see bus A6 depart and pass us by. She stares at me and “oh”she says.

No worries.

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