Forgive yourself, so you can forgive others.

My mom regularly meets her sisters or talks on the phone with them. Our generation of children in Singapore doesn’t enjoy the fortune of being around so many siblings anymore. I do wonder whom I’ll call and have tea with when I grow older. My favourite people whom I surround myself with right now, or my dear cousins whom I meet a few times a year?

I love the idea of family. The ones with blood ties teach most of us the possibility of loving unconditionally someone you didn’t choose to love. I can fight with my brother everyday but I’ll die for him any second. And the ones without blood ties show us how easy it is to love, and keep loving for a long time.

I’ve been looking forward to next weekend for some time, before the highlight of my month prematurely ended. The gaming catchup session with my cousins who stay in different states. My closest cousin told me the bad news last night, and also that she’s been unhappy recently. Coincidentally, I had the fortune of being offered a ride in the rain last night, and was overjoyed about it for the longest time. So I had the emotional sense to tell her to forgive herself, so that she can forgive others. It seems a mighty task for someone full of grief to offer another love from an empty glass.

This quote has been on loop in my head for a few days now, “Love someone when he deserves it the least, for that’s when he needs it the most.” Secure the oxygen mask on yourself before you assist others.

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