I am grateful for all the failed relationships in my life.

After things ended with Jay, I discovered how to love myself. I discovered how to forgive myself and keep myself happy, even though at times I forget.

People are always eager to share… and so am I. I want the people I love to discover also the beauty of joy.

But I lack the patience to remember that people learn in their own time. Or my overly zealous yen for her joy overpowered that patience.

I kept down the knowledge that she’ll judge, the fact that no one really is superior, but offering advice makes you seem so, and the probability that she’ll reject my words out of habit.
I kept these months of hesitation down, and finally decided to talk to one of my good friends about her dating style. In her haste and anxiety, I fear she’s getting even more lost.

Dear friend, I really am not trying to offer you my way, but merely hope that I might offer you a shorter route, perhaps shed light on the current situation as an onlooker.

I wish that one day you’ll see that I’ve only tried to talk to you as a friend, and that I only want to share. That perhaps one day you might accept my words with less defence.

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