My friend cheated. Everyone cheats.

I don’t like general statements and I make an effort to correct them. So when a friend told me something bad happened to her friend and thus the place is sooo dangerous, I responded. And then it occurred to me that, hey, just because three people I know cheat, doesn’t mean that a lot of people do.

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My jellies

昨天從檳城搭客運回新,客運遲了約2小時。因為路上塞車,司機看起來很累。我問他吃了沒,想給他我帶上車的三明治,想幫他買咖啡。他一幅震驚,感恩的臉,謝絕了我,說: “我開車22年, 從來沒有人這樣問過。”


“Everyone is fighting their own war.” When you feel capable of love, give what you can. It may mean nothing to you, but it might mean the world to someone else.
And when you need love, all the more, give. Cos nothing brings more love than love itself.

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他 回來了

他 當天晚上就回來了

As usual, he senses my down and initiates a talk. As usual, we settle everything more than amicably.

mus waa great.

The next day we did good.
We talked about books.

I almost missed my stop again.

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我 其實什麼都不缺了


告訴我 美好從內而發
告訴我 我 什麼都不缺了
對 認識 j 的時候
他看我的畫 看到我要表達的




他 消失了
一樣 消失了

讓 他去吧

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So I threw up last night, and I couldn’t sleep a wink. My world is still spinning.

But before I forget, I was just thinking that sketching makes everything better. That there’s no need to fight. At all. Just take a deep breath, count to ten, sketch, feel better, and come back to the issue.


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Have you ever worked so hard that the moment you stop working you feel like throwing up, your world starts spinning even when the train is not moving, and you feel like throwing up, and your world starts spinning, and…

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In wanting to give, I merely receive.

It’s crazy.

I started coaching an underprivileged boy, thinking I’d be contributing my skills, but I now realise I probably need the sessions more than he does. The joy he gets from understanding and the hunger to learn is exactly what keeps me in my job, but also very rare a reward.

And as I crossed paths with a man in his wheelchair making his way slowly in the rain, I offered him my umbrella, thinking it’d keep him going. But as he lifted his head, smiled and reassured me he didn’t need it, I was the one who was warmed by that genuine smile.

I’ve been so arrogant to think I’m in a position to give, but in fact, I’ve been receiving so much.

It’s crazy.

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